Xbox Racing Chair

OpenWheeler - drive a real racing car in your... hall

You'll discover that OpenWheeler is a catch-all Xbox driving seat for purpose made race vehicles with the wheels positioned outside the vehicle's principal body. This is distinct, as a matter of fact, from vehicles which have their wheel below the body in the style of most typical street cars. F1 racers are single-seaters which is the chief race genre as far as open-wheelers are concerned.

A description of what an open-wheel car really is

The driver's body is enclosed in a minimal single-seater cockpit, defining the conventional open-wheeler style, with his head exposed to the air. Behind the driver the motor is placed, which propels the back wheels. Most types of open-wheelers have a very low and virtually even under-tray which helps attain extra aerodynamic downforce that thrusts the car onto the circuit, with wings situated at the front and at the rear side of the car.

Navigate the fastest and most exhilarating racing cars... in your house

Open-wheeler cars are the speediest and most exhilarating race vehicles to navigate, being the best way for aspiring racers to learn their craft. This is owing to their light weight, aerodynamic capacities, powerful engines, which are good for their price. Before joining the F1 ranks practically all Formula 1 drivers spend some interval in different single-seater categories. Yet, you must remember that the cars do not particularly look like road vehicles, and that aerodynamics favour top racers over weaker contenders, which makes overtaking difficult, not to allude to the fragility of the cars rendering bumping and jostling common in touring and stock car racing virtually unthinkable - well, only several open-wheeler categories will draw huge audiences.

Xbox Racing Chair

What a game racer necessitates for supreme game control

But simultaneously, though, OpenWheeler, being a racing simulator, offers stability and enjoyment you won't come across that easy. It offers a plain design yet is buttressed by high quality constituents which make it a one of a kind and eminently satisfactory tool as far as any steering wheel and home video game platform is concerned. The chassis and the racing seat itself deliver all the stability a home video game racer needs for complete game control.

An optimal driving stance. The computer driving gamer's dimensions don't matter

As a matter of fact, it's OpenWheeler's chassis which represents the key part of this most marvellous car simulator. You'll find its design is both simple, practical, presenting gamers with flexibility and the aforementioned solidity to play with any home video game driving wheel or any other game controller. As far as adjustment and position are concerned, OpenWheeler PC racing simulator is really easy to handle, being built with the lightest materials conceivable. And, to be frank, it can't be made much lighter than this, and still combine the same stability specifications. You'll find out that adjusting the optimal racing position is a child's play, being both simple and intuitional, to the extent that the gamer's body proportions or age are not important either. It turns into the ultimate race seat once it's fixed to the driver's most preferred angle - and we're talking simulator here - delivering superb correspondence between racer and race.

A solid, dependable and entertaining game driving simulator seat

It's just amazing the way in which this astonishing piece of engineering has been concocted and produced. The actual line is ideal with nothing being too much, and with everything being just where it has to be, whilst simultaneously staying so firm and sound. And the steel work is smooth and strong too, with every joint made with flawlessness, and, if you just take a glimpse at the chassis, you'll shortly discern the tremendous effort and the extreme fervour which have gone into the creation of this remarkable piece of technical endeavour which will render you amazed! The paintwork complete with a subtle powder texture echoes an aeroplane design rather than a most durable device for home entertainment. It truly looks as if it's needlessly robust and precise - no kidding!

OpenWheeler. A railway sliding racing game chair. Sheer driving simulation

And, as for the arriving of OpenWheeler on the stage - well, it arrives with an authentic driving car game cockpit devised just for motor racing, which immaculately fits the chassis structure like a glove! In fact, the designers sustained the genuine assembly base, thus permitting gamers to slide the chair backwards and forwards so as to reach their most favourite racing posture. This renders OpenWheeler an authentic driving appliance with an extremely adjustable functionality. The chair provides the driver with the feeling delivered by a real racing vehicle and simultaneously completes the single-seater simulator's design. And the atmosphere is unbelievable where you can't compare it with anything else played before, and, with the gamers feeling in command the whole time, it provides for total car simulation! In fact, we can go as far as to allege that, with the correct home video game wheel, the car game driving cockpit becomes into the ultimate virtual apparatus.

An entirely adaptable racing car game simulator

OpenWheeler offers a lifespan guarantee and is constructed with ultra lightweight yet enduring materials. It is easy to mount. It is foldable for convenient storage as well. It's the greatest and most practicable solution for those home race simulations which matches an unbelievable true-to-life experience. OpenWheeler comes as a fully flexible gaming chair which slides back and forth on solid steel rails. Equally, the video game racing wheel is also adjustable, this being in terms of height, and, as for the miscellaneous size specifications, the pedal mounting plate can be adjusted to suit these as well. You'll also find out it's suitable with all major video game driving wheel and video game console brands.

An impressive home racing seat. Suits kids and seniors

At first glimpse the OpenWheeler racing game seat appears really astonishing, but when you run it, it seems even greater. It carries racing simulation to a totally different level, and, as a gamer, you'll be pinned to the chair for good! And you will discover there's a lightweightedness and finesse here that you'll not see in other simulators. It's also a perfect addition for any video console or PC given the ultra adjustability that OpenWheeler brings. And age or body size do not matter - the home Xbox gaming chair can fit anyone and everyone of any age group, as we have mentioned, from kids as young as 4, to senior citizens, who still have the eagerness and the flame in them!

Turn your bunk room into a driving course. With OpenWheeler

Actually, the OpenWheeler Xbox gaming seat is perfectly superb - something, which racers will see almost straight away, from the beginning: the first pivotal second... when your living room will be turned into a race track. The chassis is combined with a professional car game racing cockpit. And you could say this is what defines the essential contrast between racing games and racing simulation.

Xbox Racing Chair

It is absolutely one of a kind! This is the feeling you'll acquire when racing with OpenWheeler. It is video game racing wholly regenerated! It's completely different from availing of game console controllers, claviatures or joysticks. This is authentic racing where even older and not so practiced home video drivers feel greatly improved. It's quicker and more deft. It's the cockpit that renders OpenWheeler special by all and every means. And you'll find that racing in it is amazing and matchless!

Genuine driving imitation and practice

As it is, we'd go as far as to assert that racing imitation has never been more realistic pitching racers and their race in ideal synchronicity and symmetry with this excellent piece of work.
And, if you're seeking a totally different degree of driving experience, OpenWheeler carries racing game simulators to this desirable new degree where you'll plunge into even greater heights.

A remarkable comfort you will not notice in any other game racing simulator seat

It's not only lighter than others but more adjustable and advanced whereby racing feels lively and sprightly. It also blends lightweightedness and convenience you don't come across with any other simulator.
It's magnificent, as a matter of fact! Drivers feel part of this virtual machine, part of something created by devotees and not technicians.
Feel stuck to the chair.
OpenWheeler is a racing appliance.