Electric Bicycles

CheapElectricBicycles.com is a review website, which offers info about electric bikes. How cheap they are - judge for yourself. For instance, an electric bike whose price is in the region of $500.00 dollars is deemed cheap - this is the lowest market price. As the name of the web site CheapElectricBicycles.com perhaps suggests, you can expect to find similarly priced bikes.

Models of Electric Bicycles

Electric BicyclesAt CheapElectricBicycles.com, you can take a look at six e-bikes manufactured by the two largest electric bicycle suppliers - Electric Wheels and Currie Tech. CheapElectricBicycles.com comprises comprehensive information about EW-620 and EW-624 (for women and men correspondingly) - two e-bikes crafted by Electric Wheels. By clicking on an image on the index page, you will be taken to a page containing more pics as well as detailed information about the technical characteristics of the given electric bicycle. On each page you will find a link to Amazon.com where you can buy the given bicycle.

Electric Bicycles Report

At CheapElectricBicycles.com, you will also find exhaustive information about four electric bicycles built by Currie Tech - Lento, Rapido, Skyline and Trailz. CheapElectricBicycles.com provides information about the advantages and disadvantages of the e-bicycles and explains why they are relatively cheap.